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About us

StattQualm was founded in 2012 as an association. Main goald was to inform others about vaping in Switzerland and was intended as a platform for newbies. As a result of a longer-lasting lack of high-end vaping equipment, StattQualm developed its own made in Switzerland device. The four members of StattQualm share their passion for vaping and their flair for engineering and creativity. 

Since 2013 StattQualm works as a company located in the heart of Switzerland (Uri) in the ongoing development of the product range. The company strives to deliver the highest quality products and the best customer support at fair prices. In a diverse and constantly growing market, StattQualm succeeded in establishing itself through innovation and quality and to serve the market with high-quality vaping devices. Our product ‘SQuape ‘ has enjoyed high degree of acceptance in the community since 2013.

At the beginning of 2020 StattQualm GmbH merged with the two companies Nebelbox GmbH and Crossbow Vapor GmbH to form StattQualm Vape AG. In December 2020, the company name was changed to SQURI AG due to the acquisition of further business fields. The name StattQualm remains and is a brand of SQURI AG.

We appreciate your interest in our products.
Team StattQualm